Portrait Philomena Dooley, Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor

Philomena Dooley has been involved in Jin Shin Jyutsu for 36 years, first as a practitioner and then as an instructor, teaching all over the world.

This portrait recounts how she first found out about JSJ as a registered nurse, when she started suffering from debilitating blood clotting issues which wreaked havoc on her health. She had experienced two pulmonary embolisms. Taking blood thinners and pain medications, wrapped from toe to groin in compression bandages, she still limped around in great pain. She was only 24 years old.

The condition forced Philomena to leave her hospital work and try real estate. At a convention in Florida, the cheeky comment “Why do you look like you’re half dead?” from a fellow conventioneer got her attention. She would probably have never spoken to the man again, but a snowstorm in New Jersey stranded her at the conference. So, over lunch the man explained himself. He knew someone who could heal her, someone who had helped many people recover their health. That person was Mary Burmeister.

Read the entire portrait at whiperingtree.net.

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